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In the beginning of the universe, there were the Ancient ones. They inhabited near godlike powers, were immortal, and were said to be the forth springing of life on earth, and throughout the galaxy. There was one for each of the elements, and it was balanced, life, death, good, evil, fire, water, electric, earth, light, and darkness. Yet one, the first, was none of those. He was all, and none, possessing a power so ancient, and primal, that it outdated the universe and he could control them all. Because of the imbalance, they ambushed the Psi One, one from which all came, in his sleep, and killed him. They scattered throughout the universe, forgetting who they were, and carving their own empires, siring they’re own species. The only ones who stayed together were light and dark. They founded the children of earth, humans. And as they grew older, and their children forged into the void, they began to age. As Dark died, light began to search her empire, for one to take on the roll of her brother, Dark. She came upon a planet in a black sector; a system where the sun is nearly burnt out. There, she sensed an approaching danger on the cosmic wind, and swooped down to the planet to see if this is where the one with the soul she searched for was. And indeed, in the form of a young boy, she found the soul of darkness, the absence of light. The boy would be without hope, and so she decided to give him a gift that could help him when there was none. The gift her father had given when he died…Psi.

To restore balance, he must become what he cannot



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